Cutting Down on Car Insurance in 2011

Car InsuranceA new survey has revealed that one in ten UK drivers are planning to cut back on the cost of their car insurance this year.

According to the research, many drivers are planning on removing legal cover or benefits such as courtesy cars from the policy in an attempt to reduce their premiums. Others are also planning to increase their voluntary excess.

But, with more and more consumers tightening the purse strings, insurance isn’t the only thing likely to get cut with 22% of people planning to spend less on luxury items and around 12% planning on making large cuts to their regular outgoings.

But is insurance the best place to make cuts?

According to ThinkMoney, consumers should look to make savings on their insurance without making drastic cuts. While it’s easy to save money by choosing only third party insurance or third party fire and theft, making cutbacks like this could work against you in the long run. Customers looking to save money should focus first on working out what level of cover they need, and then finding deals that match that.

The internet makes it easy to research and compare car insurance quote prices online, and although it may not be much fun trawling through insurance websites, in the end it will pay for itself.

So where’s the best place to begin looking for deals and information on best buys? Friends and families are a great place to start, as are your co-workers in the office. Don’t be afraid to ask around for advice. Even if they’re not in the know on the latest deals and offers, they may be able to give you recommendations on which companies to insure your car with – and which ones not to – which will be a big help in itself.

From there you can trawl the internet for deals and bargains, keeping an eye out for money saving forums and voucher sites to see what’s available.

Insurance companies regularly run special offers including discounts, promotional gifts, gift vouchers for other stores – it’s worth shopping around to see what kind of deals you can find. Be sure to do your research on each company as well, looking out for reviews and feedback from customers who are already with them. There are plenty of review sites online, and these can greatly aid your search for an amazing deal, although it’s important to bear in mind that people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive review. These sites are more useful therefore for working out which companies not to go with, rather than the ones to go with.

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  1. Financial Ferret says:

    If you drive thousands of miles a year, it makes sense to make sure you have the extra cover of courtesy car, legal expenses etc, however if you only drive a few miles a week do you really need courtesy car cover. Each to their own needs

  2. Kalen says:

    Cutting coverage is never a good idea. If I used my basic coverage plan and it wasn’t enough when I needed it. Instead, you should think about what you need to do to lower your premiums while still receiving adequate coverage.

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